If any of you are wondering where i have got to, I am in hiding. I haven't quit lolita, nor do I intend to, I have just banned myself from the community websites until I pay my overdraft off. I find them too much of a temptation and I am moving out of home on Saturday so need to spend my pennies.

Dream Dress list

I have finally sat down and thought about the dresses/skits/accessories I'd actually like to have and here is my dream list of pieces i'd like to acquire before I am happy with my wardrobe.

MMM Church Gate Halter JSK in Black X White

AATP Queen's coach in Navy

AATP Vampire requiem SK in black

AATP Victorian Card JSK II (long version)

MMM Asymetric Corset Skirt

Vivienne Westwood RHS

Vivienne Westwood Armor Ring  OBTAINED

Vivienne Westwood Knuckle Duster Ring

Vivienne Westwood Orb Ring

I am going to try and buy one of these every 3 months so i'll should have 4 more of these by next christmas XD Well, I am getting the armour ring for christmas so i'll have 5...yey!

Birthday treats

As it is my birthday tomorrow I thought i'd bake some biscuits to take into work (we always bring things in for birthdays, or is someone is leaving,  or just for coming back from holiday...its sort of like being back at primary school again).  Anyway I thought i'd show you my picture I took of just three of them. Its my first time making iced biscuits, I usually make cupcakes but I fancied a change.

Also I thought I'd share some old pics of all my bento goodies and a picture of an old bento that I never got round to posting...a little random but since we are on the topic of food, thought I might as well slip them in there.

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Vivienne Westwood Heart Jacket

I am so happy, I have just put a deposit down on a Vivienne Westwood Heart Lapel Jacket from Trample Clothing. So far so good, they seem to have great customer service and they have agreed to let me pay in three installments, one each month. The jacket should be with me at the beginning of December just in time for Christmas. I have been in love with the jacket since I started reading Nana, I love her style and would like a few items (or perhaps ALL) of her outfit.

I have realised I want to get back into lolita and I'm going to reserve vampire forest for my birthday. I did however find something that miffed me a little. The girl I sold my AATP skirt in ivory to is selling it because it doesnt fit. Not only is she selling it for more than she paid for it (which in itself wouldnt bother me) but she is marking it as if it is brand new with tags. I clearly stated in my post that it had been worn once and she is making out like she is the original owner, quite miffing and unfair to the potential buyer. *huff*
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Leaving lolita-Already!

As much as I enjoyed my first lolita meet- it was super lovely and all the girls were really nice, I got home and i felt really bad. It was a weird feeling, perhaps too much excitement and since then I just can't help feeling like lolita isn't really me. I am not little and cute and i stand out from miles away in anycase, nevermind the "odd" clothing. I love the clothes and the style but I have come to the conclusion that it isn't really me. Also the fact that for most of the time, my outfit would be sitting in a closet and I wouldn't be using it. I think I was also worried about damaging such lovely clothes. I have decided to sell all the clothes that I bought and buy something that I'll use every day---

I really need a bag to match the miu miu purse I bought a couple of weeks ago from selfridges whist on a shopping trip to London. It has a bow on the other side of the purse.

Interested in buying some of my lolita clothes?
(Fake cut to sales post)

Miffed at auction shopping service

i am sulking today because a) my parcel from mochimachine got delivered by noone was in to get it and we missed it by 10 minutes :( (although good news is at least i'll get it tomorrow because these girls are on the ball and they post things on time) and b) my beautiful moitie bag from an auction shopping service will not arrive in time for the Sunday meet because they haven't even shipped it out yet! I told them i'd like to receive it before the 14th and they said they'd invoice me for my shipping cost (as you pay in two halves) as soon as they received the bag from the seller so that there wasn't a delay between arrival to them and shipping to me which I though was good. They must have received the parcel on the Friday but I wasn't invoiced until the Sunday, then on my account it still says "shipping soon" and it is now Wednesday night in Japan. They should have posted it either Monday or Tuesday at the latest but now wont be posted until Thursday at the earliest...and thats only if they post it tomorrow. I haven't had my last 2 emails replied to either, so I am pretty miffed and that's why I am sulking. I know its immature but I think I am allowed to be every once in a while.

On a lighter note, I got my offbrand parasol today and its really nice. Its actually a wedding umbrella but its pretty much like a baby one except doesnt take as long to get to me :) and not as expensive.

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