nikorusama (nikorusama) wrote,

Leaving lolita-Already!

As much as I enjoyed my first lolita meet- it was super lovely and all the girls were really nice, I got home and i felt really bad. It was a weird feeling, perhaps too much excitement and since then I just can't help feeling like lolita isn't really me. I am not little and cute and i stand out from miles away in anycase, nevermind the "odd" clothing. I love the clothes and the style but I have come to the conclusion that it isn't really me. Also the fact that for most of the time, my outfit would be sitting in a closet and I wouldn't be using it. I think I was also worried about damaging such lovely clothes. I have decided to sell all the clothes that I bought and buy something that I'll use every day---

I really need a bag to match the miu miu purse I bought a couple of weeks ago from selfridges whist on a shopping trip to London. It has a bow on the other side of the purse.

Interested in buying some of my lolita clothes?
(Fake cut to sales post)
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