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Dream Dress list

I have finally sat down and thought about the dresses/skits/accessories I'd actually like to have and here is my dream list of pieces i'd like to acquire before I am happy with my wardrobe.

MMM Church Gate Halter JSK in Black X White

AATP Queen's coach in Navy

AATP Vampire requiem SK in black

AATP Victorian Card JSK II (long version)

MMM Asymetric Corset Skirt

Vivienne Westwood RHS

Vivienne Westwood Armor Ring  OBTAINED

Vivienne Westwood Knuckle Duster Ring

Vivienne Westwood Orb Ring

I am going to try and buy one of these every 3 months so i'll should have 4 more of these by next christmas XD Well, I am getting the armour ring for christmas so i'll have 5...yey!
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