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nikorusama's Journal

25 October
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My name is Nicole and I suppose you could say im obsessed with Japan. I hope to go to Tokyo at some point and i've decided im going to learn Japanese even if it kills me! I like manga an anime. Ai yazaway is my favourite mangaka. I love J-rock. Hyde, gackt, nightmare and buck/tick are my favourites. I also like j-dramas, my ultimate J-drama is HYD and favoutire actor is Oguri Shun. I also like to read (especially Terry Pratchett), swim, cook and I love animals.I love baking cupcakes...in fact I am obsessed! My favourite bar is 55 bar in Camden and it is probably one of my favourite places in the world. My favourite band is THE SMITHS. They are amazing, its so sad they arent together anymore :(